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Red Pill Comments

The red pill and pickup artist (PUA) perspective on life, particularly on social dynamics, is interesting, valuable, worthwhile and broadly accurate. People can benefit tons from learning it and rejecting their bluepill social conditioning.

I sometimes want to share red pill/social dynamics/PUA perspectives and insights. But I don't fully agree with and endorse them, so I may tag messages with [redpill] or [rp] to indicate their perspective.

Making a social comment doesn't mean I endorse the social game itself. I disclaim that.

The social game is pervasive in life. Despite being irrational, it merits critical commentary, analysis and attention because of how much it affects people's lives.

In discussion, I often focus on the physical/logical/rational world and don't talk about the social world. This is problematic when other people make social statements and treat discussion like a contest between rival social hierarchy climbers. I want to address these social behaviors more and share insight about the social world with my audience.

Elliot Temple on January 9, 2020

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If I say:

> [redpill] Why octuple text me? Obsessed much?

That's not a socially calibrated comment by me. It's too blatant. The way to social climb is to call attention to the low social status behavior in a subtle way, that way I put the other person down without being viewed as socially aggressive or "mean". But being subtle won't highlight what's going on for analysis and audience members will have a hard time following it explicitly. OTOH if I write a dry analysis like:

> Octuple texting is reactive behavior which, according to the law of least effort (because reacting is a type of effort), lowers social status.

That's also bad at communicating to the audience in some ways. It's subtle in its own way because it doesn't call out the social behavior in social terms (like obsession). Not connecting a social behavior to a social concept, using clear social words, is harder for people to understand and concretize. It's also longer while, at the same time, being too incomplete and abbreviated.

Strong, clear, blatant social comments have some communication advantages over intellectual analysis or playing the social game correctly.

curi at 4:39 PM on January 9, 2020 | #15055 | reply | quote

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