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Disowning Rami Rustom

I am not now, nor have I ever been, Rami Rustom's coach or mentor. But Rami has been lying to people about me. He says that I've been his coach or mentor for ten years. That's false.

Rami (aka GISTE, a non-secret second name he uses) has been a problem poster at my free, public discussion forums. He wasn't banned (until now) because my forums are especially open and tolerant. I broadly refused to have private conversations with Rami and often heavily criticized or ignored his public posts. I did give him some advice about how to learn, e.g. to do elementary school reading comprehension homework assignments and Mario Odyssey speedrunning.

Rami has a recurring history of plagiarizing me. He self-published a book heavily plagiarizing my ideas. He didn't tell me or my forums that the book existed. When I found out, he apologized and pleaded ignorance and incompetence. I believed him since he's an idiot. Then he falsely listed me as a coauthor, without my knowledge or consent, as some kind of incompetent attempt to give me credit. When I found out and explained that was unacceptable, he removed the book from sale.

Rami plagiarizes me because he doesn't have good ideas of his own, and because he doesn't know what is or isn't plagiarism. It takes skill to know when to quote or paraphrase, when to give credit for what, and how to write the credit. Rami doesn't have that skill. When he does give credit, he often attributes ideas to people that they never said and disagree with. He doesn't know how to separate his confusions and opinions about a topic from what others said. He doesn't know when he's copying someone else's idea accurately or when he's changed it enough to screw it up. This leaves him with no way to discuss other people's ideas appropriately. He simply lacks the skill. That wouldn't be so bad if he presented himself as a confused beginner, but it’s unacceptable when he plagiarizes while framing himself as an author, lecturer, coach or expert.

Rami made another document in June 2020 heavily plagiarizing me. He didn't know he'd done anything wrong and shared it at my forum. When I complained, he apologized again:

I apologize for the trouble I’ve caused you. I want to fix this ASAP. This is now my highest priority

The plan Rami decided on was to stop lecturing or teaching, and instead focus on learning stuff like basic math. Maybe he'd return to educating others after he became competent himself.

But I recently discovered that Rami is trying to become a business coach. His attempts at teaching business use my name, plagiarize my ideas, and lie about his relationship with me. He also lies about himself, e.g. presenting his business career as far more successful than it is. (He's getting into coaching due to needing a new business and failing for over a year to come up with and start anything else.)

Rami hid his new coaching business from me for months because he'd never gotten around to learning how not to plagiarize or lie. When I expressed my concerns again, Rami told me he'd fix the new plagiarism and lying, but then, instead, he kicked me out of his Facebook group to prevent me from seeing what he was doing.

Rami has lied to business owners that I'm a smart but impractical philosopher who knows nothing about business, so Rami's bringing my clever ideas to the business world. That's a value proposition he tries to sell using my name. (I've actually studied business and sold my business expertise, and Rami has gotten many business ideas from me and from educational materials I recommended like Eli Goldratt's books.)

I have documentation and evidence, including (with permission) an 80 minute video of Rami's business coaching which enabled me to judge its quality. Lots of stuff is in the public archives. I'll share more details if Rami disputes what I've said. For now, I've tried to focus on issues directly related to me, without unnecessarily exposing Rami's other flaws.


I'm not Rami's coach. I've never mentored him.

Rami may sound like he knows something useful, but that's because he's plagiarizing me and others.

Rami lies so much and so confidently that it's hard to believe someone would do that. Don't trust him!

Rami is an incompetent business coach. If you pay the $12,000 coaching fee that he wants, you'll regret it. I think even his free advice has negative value.

Do not try to learn about my ideas from Rami.

I demand that Rami stop lying about me, plagiarizing me, and using my name to try to promote his stuff.

I'm too patient, tolerant and forgiving. My mistake. Rami is now banned from my forums and publicly disowned, but I should have done it sooner.

Update 2021-05-01:

I said that if Rami disputed my account of events, I'd give more info. He seems obsessed with me and has been going around ranting, lying and making threats on social media. Since he contradicted my account of events, I'll briefly show that his story is a lie.

Rami wrote a false summary of our emails. For example:

i said "business coaching". that was my whole email.

That's a lie because that was not his whole email. His email had another paragraph which included:

my employees use your yes/no decision making process (that you explained in yes/no philosophy) and they love it

And he talked about using yes/no in employee training. At this point in the conversation, I became suspicious that he was plagiarizing me again and/or making unlicensed use of my paid yes/no product in his business. I wrote a confrontational reply about it. But Rami described my reply this way:

He [ET] replied again after that. a short email again. it seemed like he was interested (in a good way).

That's a lie because my reply was negative, not positive. Here's how my negative reply began:

did you give credit for my stuff and link them to the original, and do it without putting incorrect words in my mouth as you’ve done before? you never learned how to give credit appropriately so you’re likely to be doing something that mistreats me and my work, again.


Another lie Rami is telling is:

I hired him [Elliot] to help me do business coaching. And he took the job. But instead of helping me do business coaching, he spent the whole time trying to pressure me to not do business coaching.

I never took that job. In Feb 2021, Rami hired me for a private call to discuss the plagiarism problem from the emails above. On the call, I advised Rami about what to do to avoid being a plagiarist. I showed him an example of him currently plagiarizing me on his business coaching Facebook group (which he agreed was bad and plagiarism), and explained that he should learn how to recognize plagiarism himself before doing writing or coaching related to my ideas. I also warned Rami about what actions would result in being banned and disowned, and he (falsely) assured me that he'd avoid them. Rami also paid me to prepare for the call by reviewing a business coaching session he'd done (and had consent to show me). On the call, I advised Rami that his coaching provided negative value and that he should pursue a different line of business. I gave reasons. And I pointed out how he'd repeatedly lied while coaching, including by lying that I'd been his mentor for ten years. Rami expressed interest in hiring me for more advice and also to tutor his child, but I said I wouldn't consider it until he paid off his credit card debt.

Besides lying, Rami has been posting threats and has spammed this blog. After one of my readers wondered if Rami might escalate to violence, Rami didn't answer directly and didn't say he won't be violent. Then he wrote that he's going to "escalate" to "10X" stronger "blows" that will cause "far more collateral damage". Making threats crossed a major line, so I'm not going to engage with Rami further.

Since Rami can manufacture an unlimited number of lies or threats, I won't be responding to each one. I've given reasonable people adequate information to make a judgement. Also, Rami, don't contact me again.

Elliot Temple on March 10, 2021

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Rami is still trying to teach people stuff, including about TCS, without first learning what plagiarism is and how to avoid it:

curi at 5:16 PM on March 18, 2021 | #1 | reply | quote

Rami is dangerous. Do not get involved with him

Rami wrote his own blog post disowning Elliot.

There are a bunch of things wrong with it: flawed arguments, bad logic, inconsistencies, etc.

But the most important thing, in my opinion, is that Rami is admitting to be an abusive person in his own post, in a way that is visible even without knowing the whole context or checking any other sources.

Here are some quotes from his blog post:

> And I win my fights. I take them seriously, more than anyone else. I don't back down. I'm patient. I wait for the right time, and then I strike.


> Don't expect me to be nice. And if you don't back down immediately, I will have to escalate to anger.

> You won't like me when I'm angry.

> It's good to be my friend. It's not good to be my enemy. So come to my side. The other side will not win. Good is stronger than evil.

So Rami is admitting here that he purposely tries to hurt people in a willful and premeditated way. He is admitting that he plans his revenge against people so that he can "strike" at the "right time". He is admitting that he gets angry at people who he disagrees with, if they do not "back down immediately", and uses his anger against them.

"You won't like me when I'm angry." is a threat. He is threatening anyone who disagrees with him and refuses to concede. He is threatening to get angry and do something to them that they will not like. He is trying to show that he is scary and intimidating, and you should be careful not to disagree with him.

"It's good to be my friend. It's not good to be my enemy." is a common tactic of abusers. It is similar to a protection racket. He is threatening people into being his "friend": if you aren't his friend, then you will be his enemy. And you won't like being his enemy because he will use his anger against you in a longterm, patient, premeditated attack on you. He will hold onto his grudge against you and strike when he can hurt you the most.

He is using the threatening language of an abuser.

The safest thing to do with people like that is to *not get involved with them at all*. Don't get on their radar. Don't try to be their friend. They will turn on you if you stop agreeing with them, or if you do something they don't like. And once they turn on you, they will feel justified using their anger against you and trying to hurt you in intentional and premeditated ways.

Rami is admitting to being a dangerous, abusive, vengeful person in this post. He is admitting to using his anger to intentionally hurt people he disagrees with. The safest thing to do is to stay away from him entirely.

Anonymous at 4:03 PM on April 26, 2021 | #2 | reply | quote

#2 Archive of Rami's blog post:


Anonymous at 4:06 PM on April 26, 2021 | #3 | reply | quote


My quotes left off the italics from Rami's blog post. This quote had italics in it:

> Don't expect me to be nice. And if you don't back down *immediately*, I will have to escalate to anger.

Notice that he emphasizes "immediately". He doesn't just want you to back down and concede to him: he wants you to do it *immediately*, with no discussion, no thought. If Rami disagrees with you, you have to immediately concede, or else he will "escalate to anger" and "You won't like [him] when [he's] angry.". In other words, if you don't back down immediately, *he will hurt you*.

Same person who wrote #2 at 4:13 PM on April 26, 2021 | #4 | reply | quote

#2 and #4

Rami might believe that his abuse and vengefulness is justified because he only uses it when he is truly in the right. Here is the quote including *when* he was saying he would escalate to anger:

> But if you try to hurt someone in my tribe, that is *not* ok with me. You will have to deal with me. Don't expect me to be nice. And if you don't back down *immediately*, I will have to escalate to anger.

This means he will escalate when *he believes that you hurt someone in his tribe*. But when will that be? Does he have infallible knowledge of that? What if you have a disagreement with one of his friends, and you *both* think that you are being hurt by the other person? What if one of his friends thinks you are hurting them, but you think you are not?

These are *disagreements*. But Rami is saying that he will not tolerate disagreements. If you do not immediately concede to him when he thinks he is right about this sort of thing, then he will hurt you. He doesn't leave room for discussion. He doesn't acknowledge his own fallibility. He doesn't have any way to correct errors.

It is best to avoid Rami AND avoid his friends. Because Rami won't just hurt you if he disagrees with you. He will also go out of his way to make patient premeditated attacks on you when his *friends* disagree with you. Getting involved with any of his friends is also putting you at risk of being on the receiving end of his vengeful anger.

And he uses this as an argument for being his friend. When he says, "It's good to be my friend. It's not good to be my enemy.", one of the things that is implied is that it is good to be his friend because he will fight other people for you. He will make attacks against the people that you have disagreements with, if you perceive those disagreements as the other person hurting you in some way. There is a whole paragraph before that was about how he fights other people's battles for them, with his vengeful anger.

These are the full paragraphs I originally quoted from:

> People are attracted to me. I am respectful. They seek my help and I gladly accept the responsibility. Sometimes they let me fight their fights for them. And I win my fights. I take them seriously, more than anyone else. I don't back down. I'm patient. I wait for the right time, and then I strike. Collateral damage.. on *me*? No problem. I'm trained for that. It's second nature now. I will heal. And I will heal stronger, making me that much better for my next fight. If you try to hurt me, I have thick skin, so I'll be ok. But if you try to hurt someone in my tribe, that is *not* ok with me. You will have to deal with me. Don't expect me to be nice. And if you don't back down *immediately*, I will have to escalate to anger.

You won't like me when I'm angry.

>It's good to be my friend. It's not good to be my enemy. So come to my side. The other side will not win. Good is stronger than evil.

There are more things wrong in those paragraphs than what I pointed out. (And even more things wrong with the entire blog post.) I just wanted to point out the thing that I thought was the most urgently important: Rami is admitting to be a dangerous, abusive person, who will willfully hurt you in premeditated ways if you disagree with him in a way that he believes justifies his abuse. You should stay away from him. And you should also stay away from any of his friends.

Same person who wrote #2 at 4:39 PM on April 26, 2021 | #5 | reply | quote

Anonymous at 4:45 PM on April 26, 2021 | #6 | reply | quote

Self-defense is not abuse.

A person who admits they get angry and warns their enemies is not an abuser.

An abuser hides under sheep skin. Pretends to be the good guy. Deceives everyone.

People like Felix Wade are abusers. Felix Wade deceived everyone so well that to this day I haven't seen anyone else but me warning how dangerous Felix Wade is.

Anonymous at 12:43 AM on April 27, 2021 | #7 | reply | quote


> Self-defense is not abuse.

That is true. But Rami was not describing self-defence. He was describing using anger to intimidate and scare people.

Rami said that he would patiently wait for the right time then strike. That is not a normal description of self-defence, that is describing an attack. He said that if he thinks someone is trying to hurt his friends, he would escalate to anger, and that you won't like him when he is angry. That is a vague threat to hurt people that cross you or your friends, not a statement that you will make sure to take necessary defensive actions to protect people.

He repeatedly said he would "fight", which is also not a description of self-defence. He talked about how he would heal stronger for the next fight. He was describing a pattern of violence, and he was describing it as if he enjoys it and values that part of himself.

It's possible that he may think in his own mind that it is some kind of justified self-defence. That is common among abusers. It is also common for them to especially want to defend other people: it makes them feel even more justified in their violence and anger. They will make up excuses to hurt people, including that those people somehow crossed or threatened their friends or family.

If that is the case, that may make him more dangerous. Many abusers and even murderers and serial killers believe that they are justified or righteous.

Rami's description is not actually of someone trying to protect others, someone who willing to do what is needed in order to deal with real threats. He is making threats. He is trying to get people to come to his side by saying that you will be safer if you are on his side, since he is angry and violent and he uses that anger against anyone he perceives to be an enemy.

Of course, it is NOT safer to be on the side of a dangerous abuser. It is safer to never go anywhere near such a person.

> A person who admits they get angry and warns their enemies is not an abuser.

That's just not true. Many abusers admit to getting angry. They will say things like they have a short fuse. Some will say they are working on it, trying not to get angry. Some will blame the victims of their abuse for their anger.

Abusers of all types admit to being angry people, having anger management issues, etc. It is incredibly common. I'm not sure where you got the idea that abusers don't admit anger.

Or are you saying if they admit their anger, they don't count as abusers? So, for example, a man who admits to anger issues and also beats his wife and eventually murders her doesn't count as an abuser, because he admits his anger? If that is your claim, then you are just redefining words.

By the way, these kinds of things are common tactics of abusers. It is common for abusers to pretend they are acting to defend others. It is common for abusers to admit their anger. It is common for abusers to make these kinds of open threats because they think they are justified, they think they are saying something good about themselves.

If you aren't familiar with that kind of thing and you doubt me, you should read more about abusers and patterns of abuse.

Rami actually has other common traits of abusers, but I didn't bring them up because I only wanted to talk about the things he clearly indicated in that particular blog post. I could go through his other public writing and find more abusive traits, but my goal here wasn't to give an exhaustive list of the things I think are wrong with Rami. It was just to warn other people not to get involved with him because I think he is dangerous.

If you don't want to listen to my warning, that's your decision. I can't make other people's decisions for them, and I don't want to control other people. I just wanted to give a clear warning so that other people could see it and make up their own minds.

Same person who wrote #2 at 1:42 AM on April 27, 2021 | #8 | reply | quote

#8 The post you're replying to, #7, is written by a troll/harasser, who is presumably ban evading and violating my no contact request. They've posted nasty stuff before which was obviously in bad faith. I'll leave this one up since you replied.

curi at 2:07 AM on April 27, 2021 | #9 | reply | quote

re Rami waiting to strike: last we spoke, he was friendly. He went straight from friendly to my face to public attacks with no chance to discuss whatever problems he has with me that he was hiding.

By contrast, I spoke with him on Zoom before writing the blog post above, warned him under what circumstances I'd have to write a post like this, asked him to stop plagiarizing me and lying about me, and gave him yet another chance to stop. He pretended(?) to be friendly and said he'd stop and take action to make sure I didn't have to write this post. He said he'd fix stuff.

But then I didn't hear for him from a bit and then found I'd been kicked from his Facebook group without notification or reason. So it was clear to me that he wasn't taking the appropriate steps to fix the problems and was actually just super hostile.

Then he stalled when I asked about it.

He eventually admitted intentionally kicking me, though remained evasive. So I privately told him I was banning him over it and waited a couple more days and then posted this after he still wouldn't respond privately. And he still, today, he hasn't responded to me privately about being banned. He won't even try to engage in problem solving discussion. I spoke with him privately about my grievances before airing anything publicly. He cargo cults me a lot but he didn't cargo cult *that*.

Previously, Rami had always insisted he thought my posts were not mean, that he wanted criticism, that he liked how I talked with him on FI, etc. If he'd said he didn't like stuff or didn't want stuff, people would have treated him differently. It looks like he lied that he liked and wanted stuff, so people gave it to him, and then he built up a huge grudge about it, and now wants to fight and hurt us. Though it's hard to tell. Maybe he's just pissed about being banned because he thought I was perfect and this is like being banned from Galt's Gulch or Heaven, and it's just a matter of tribalism and the ban finally got him to switch tribes.

curi at 10:04 AM on April 27, 2021 | #10 | reply | quote

I just deleted two more comments here from the ongoing harassment, ban evasion, and no contact request breaking.

curi at 2:00 PM on April 27, 2021 | #13 | reply | quote

Rami subtweeting this thread and doubling down on being threatening.

curi at 2:05 PM on April 27, 2021 | #14 | reply | quote

Note that he's ghosting me, has made no demands, and offered no terms for peace. Just like DD.

curi at 2:06 PM on April 27, 2021 | #15 | reply | quote

I want to be left alone.

curi at 2:08 PM on April 27, 2021 | #16 | reply | quote


> the first option to end a fight is to walk away. but sometimes we don't have that option, in which case it's time to use overwhelming force. preferably one blow powerful enough so that the target does not have a 2nd chance.

Rami can't walk away because ... what? Rami is trying to use "overwhelming force" and a "powerful" "blow" (doesn't sound much like "minimum necessary force").

> sometimes there's collateral damage. that sucks. but i didn't start the fight. so it's not my fault.

Rami intends to knowingly hurt other people too, including innocents, and to refuse to accept any blame for doing it.

Rami also directed 4 cuss words at ET in one sentence.

Anonymous at 4:12 PM on April 27, 2021 | #17 | reply | quote


> and by that same logic, I agree that I'm dangerous. I'm dangerous to people that want to commit evil. i'm dangerous in the sense that these people are not able to achieve their evil goals when I'm involved.


> if you try to be dishonest with me, I do not accept that. if you try to fool the world, I do not accept that. that is below my standards. that's why you find it hard to deal with me. my presence destroys your evil goals.


> the first option to end a fight is to walk away. but sometimes we don't have that option, in which case it's time to use overwhelming force. preferably one blow powerful enough so that the target does not have a 2nd chance.

> instead the fault likes squarely on the fucking asshole who started the fucking fight that I didn't want to fucking have.

Rami admits that he is dangerous to people that he believes have evil goals, are dishonest with him, or try to fool the world.

He believe that it is justified and right for him to use "overwhelming force" against those that are - in his opinion - trying to do evil, being dishonest, or starting fights with him.

He has not clarified what counts as trying to do evil, being dishonest, starting fights with him, trying to fool the world, etc. He has not clarified which things he believes require his overwhelming force to fight back against.

He seems to believe he is waging some sort of holy war, but has not said what this war is against. He is leaving it open: his war is against anyone who he disagrees with and believes is doing "evil" or being "dishonest".

He seems to believe Elliot started a fight with him. Rami repeatedly plagiarized Elliot and got multiple warnings and was allowed to correct his mistakes. He then started lying about Elliot and using Elliot's name and plagiarizing Elliot again to try to charge people money for his advice. Rami was again given the chance to correct his mistake, but this time chose not to. So Elliot wrote a single blog post disowning Rami, so that Rami would not be able to use Elliot's name to scam people out of money. And Rami somehow interprets this as starting a fight.

Rami hasn't even disputed the facts. He hasn't pointed out how anything Elliot says is a lie.

Who else could Rami decide has wronged him, and in what ways? There is no way to know. Rami will not clarify what he believes is evil or dishonest and deserving of anger and overwhelming force to stop it. There is no way to know who Rami might choose as a target.

And what is Rami willing do do? What does he believe is justified? He hasn't said. He has said he is willing to use "overwhelming force" and that he prefers to use force so strong that a single blow would knock out his opponent.

But what does he mean by this? Is he willing to resort to DDoSing to take out a website? Online stalking and harassment to try to silence someone? Doxxing to try to get other people to do the work for him? Is he willing to engage in irl stalking and harassment if the person won't stop? Swatting? Assault and battery? Murder if nothing else will stop what he believes to be "evil"?

He hasn't said. He hasn't put any limits on what he is willing to do.

But he believes he is right. He believes he is justified. He believes that he is fighting evil. He wants to be seen as dangerous. He wants people to fear him and join his side. He believes that he is fighting for good, and so overwhelming force is justified in wiping out evil. This is the same logic of the people who murder abortion providers. This is the same logic of the jihadists.

People like this are dangerous. Rami Rustom is dangerous. He has not backed down from any of his claims. He has not tried to explain that he didn't really mean what he said. Instead he has doubled down on his willingness to use force and on the fact that he believes he is justified.

Anonymous at 5:31 PM on April 27, 2021 | #18 | reply | quote

> Murder if nothing else will stop what he believes to be "evil"?

What about murder as a first resort? You're actually still making assumptions about how he might be *reasonable* and only escalate as much as needed to win. But he's said that he won't be reasonable and will massively escalate early on, without warning, and will attempt to hurt people so much that they never fight back.

He's extremely dishonest and super disconnected from reality, and he's super narcissistic and arrogant, which makes all the treats more dangerous. The main mitigating factor is his incompetence, but unfortunately it doesn't take a lot of competence to be violent.

Anonymous at 5:41 PM on April 27, 2021 | #19 | reply | quote

> treats

I meant threats

Anonymous at 5:42 PM on April 27, 2021 | #20 | reply | quote

Rami has been spamming this blog with the same message over and over, trying to ban evade and harass me, and is trying to distribute a recording of a private call with me for the purpose of hurting me.

curi at 9:21 AM on April 29, 2021 | #26 | reply | quote

Rami has an anti-FI facebook group which calls FI a cult. The description says:

> We do not condone attacks on Elliot Temple.

But then Rami posted on the group calling ET "retarded", which is an attack, which makes it clear the group description is a lie. He also posts threats on Twitter and on his blog. And the people making the group have attacked ET's blog. They know they're banned (it's in the group name) but try to break through security and post anyway.

Anonymous at 11:27 AM on April 29, 2021 | #27 | reply | quote

They posted:

> When I first thought of attacks against Elliot Temple and said this group does not condone them, I was only thinking of severe stuff like doxing and DDoS attacks. I will now consider posting on Curi's blog when you have been banned as an attack. Please use this group to reply to anything he says instead.

Anonymous at 2:11 PM on April 29, 2021 | #28 | reply | quote

RR is mad that ET banned RR from FI. RR's buddy is mad that ET wouldn't let RR leave without a negative post, and thinks ET should leave people alone. These ways of being mad are contradictory. RR didn't leave FI before being banned and still wanted to stay. And ET only called out RR for 1) lying about ET 2) plagiarizing ET. ET was responding to RR not leaving ET alone; he wasn't initiating or aggressing.

Anonymous at 3:02 PM on April 29, 2021 | #29 | reply | quote

I updated the post.

curi at 5:29 PM on May 1, 2021 | #31 | reply | quote

Lulie is making a habit/pattern of engaging with people who harass me. She was previously notified of Rami's harassment. She's intentionally engaging with harassers and is encouraging harassment by legitimizing them in a social group.


curi at 4:05 PM on May 13, 2021 | #32 | reply | quote

Also, Lulie is now anti-reason, but has yet to update her Twitter handle:


> Old identity: rational egoist


> New identity: whim-worshipper

curi at 4:05 PM on May 13, 2021 | #33 | reply | quote

#33 Note, as context, that Lulie was not even slightly friends with Rami, and did not speak with him, before he started hating and harassing me. Rami's harassment includes posting repeated public threats, escalating and doubling down on the threats, spamming and ban evading at this blog, lying about me, and sharing a private recording.

When Rami started harassing me, he also started reaching out to CritRats to try to get allies. That's how and why he and Lulie are now in contact. She knows that (I emailed her when Rami first contacted her and she replied). She's knowingly and publicly allying with people for the purpose of working together to harass FI.

curi at 4:13 PM on May 13, 2021 | #34 | reply | quote

Want to discuss this? Join my forum.

(Due to multi-year, sustained harassment from David Deutsch and his fans, commenting here requires an account. Accounts are not publicly available. Discussion info.)